Helpful Hints for writing an eulogy

Here are some tips that may help you:


To present a fitting tribute to someone you will probably need to do some homework and plan what you are going to talk about. Talking to family and friends is probably the best way to gain interesting facts or anecdotes and give some insight into the ‘real’ person.


Everyone will of course be saddened by their loss, so including some tasteful humour (befitting the deceased’s personality) is something you may like to consider, in remembrance and celebration of the joy they brought to friends and family.

Not just the facts

Try not to simply list chronological dates and places; it’s more interesting to focus on the highlights of the person’s life and sprinkle your speech with some facts along the way. Make sure you include personal thoughts too, special memories that you can share with those gathered.

Choose a theme

It can be easier to construct a eulogy if you have a theme, as trying to summarise a person’s entire life may be too difficult and time consuming. If more than one person is speaking you might consider each of you choosing a different theme to avoid repetition. For example, one speaker could focus on ‘Family’, another on ‘Community’ and another on ‘Sport’.

Write notes

Once you have gathered the information you need and formed it into logical groups, try to arrange your main points in an interesting order and write/type them out in note form. You’ll feel more confident and organised and will be able to deliver a more engaging speech.

Delivery Naturally

It can sometimes be difficult to maintain your composure when talking about the death of someone close, but it’s important to remember everyone will understand if you need to pause occasionally. Take your time. Remember to take deep breaths if you need to and have a glass of water nearby.


Make sure your eulogy isn’t too long. If you think you may have difficulty getting through it, it may be easier to shorten it. Speak with your family about it and rehearse it for time. It may also help to speak with us if you have questions about expected duration.

Remember, we’re here for you. Please feel free to contact us at any point if you feel you need some help.

It was perfect and consequently made the day as easy as possible for the family. I cannot speak highly enough of staff at the South Street chapel and also of Ian Thrum the Civil Celebrant. Thank you all.


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