Our Professional Service Fee incorporates the various tasks and services typically involved in arranging, planning and conducting a funeral, including

  • Funeral arrangement Monday to Thursday during office hours by phone, email or at our offices.
  • Transfer of the deceased into our care within the Perth/Mandurah Metro area.
  • Respectful preparation and placing of deceased in a cotton garment.
  • Provision of essential coffin.
  • If required, identification at our After Care Centre Highgate, Medina or Mandurah facilities (Identification time is at our discretion).
  • Cemetery Chapel hire additional 30 minutes, Monday to Thursday at a time set by Funeral Director.
  • Trained consultants to advise upon and complete the many aspects of funeral matters.
  • Obtaining of necessary cremation certificate, preparation of cremation documents.
  • Liaise with Cemetery.
  • Registration and copy of Death Certificate.
  • Celebrant appointed by Bowra & O’Dea.
  • Placement of the funeral notice on Bowra & O’Dea website.
  • Preparation and lodgement of Funeral Notice only.
  • Provision of support following the funeral including Trillion Trees Memorial Program.

"Due to the date of the funeral and in proximity to Christmas, the suggestion of having the wake catered for in your premises was excellent."

- Anonymous