Our Professional Service Fee incorporates the various tasks and services typically involved in arranging, planning and conducting a funeral, including

  • Funeral arrangement Monday to Thursday during office hours by phone, email or at our offices.
  • Transfer of the deceased into our care within the Perth/Mandurah Metro area.
  • Respectful preparation and placing of deceased in a cotton garment.
  • Provision of essential coffin.
  • If required, identification at our After Care Centre Highgate, Medina or Mandurah facilities (Identification time is at our discretion).
  • Cemetery Chapel hire additional 30 minutes, Monday to Thursday at a time set by Funeral Director.
  • Trained consultants to advise upon and complete the many aspects of funeral matters.
  • Obtaining of necessary cremation certificate, preparation of cremation documents.
  • Liaise with Cemetery.
  • Registration and copy of Death Certificate.
  • Celebrant appointed by Bowra & O’Dea.
  • Placement of the funeral notice on Bowra & O’Dea website.
  • Preparation and lodgement of Funeral Notice only.
  • Provision of support following the funeral including Trillion Trees Memorial Program.

"Thank you to the Bowra & O'Dea family. To Urszula, Martin and the team for all the help & support we received at a very difficult time."

- Anonymous