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At Bowra & O’Dea, we offer a range of products and funeral services in Perth. Our focus is on celebrating the life and memory of your loved one, so our services and packages can be tailored to suit your personal, cultural or religious needs. Our friendly and experienced team are here to provide support and help make planning a service as simple and stress-free as possible.

Because we understand that the little things are everything, we offer additional options to help make your service more special and accessible. This includes recorded and live-streamed services that give everyone the opportunity to say goodbye, no matter where they live.  Let us take care of every last detail of your loved ones funeral, so you can focus on remembering the little things that made them so precious to you.

Today’s Funeral Services

To view our funeral services on today in Perth, WA, please click here.

There are two steps to take when arranging a funeral service:


Choose your Funeral service


Select Products


Choose Your Funeral Service

Premium Dual Funeral Service

A funeral service at a church, Bowra & O’Dea chapel, cemetery chapel or other venue, followed by a second service held at the cemetery.

  • A Church Service, followed by a Cemetery Service
  • A Funeral Home Chapel Service with tea, coffee and biscuits (1 hour) followed by a Cemetery Service
  • A Cemetery Chapel Service followed by a burial service

Premium Single Funeral Service

A funeral service in one location of your choice. This can be at a church, cemetery, Bowra & O’Dea chapel or other venue.

  • Funeral procession leaves from the funeral home for Cemetery Service
  • Funeral procession leaves from residence for Cemetery Service
  • Funeral procession leaves from residence for Church Service only (no attendance at cemetery)
  • A service in our funeral home chapel followed by tea, coffee and biscuits in our condolence lounge (no attendance at the cemetery)
  • A Graveside Service with funeral procession commencing at cemetery gates

Essential Cemetery Chapel Service Cremation Package $5,560

A cremation service held at the cemetery, Monday to Thursday only. Cortege assembles at cemetery.

Essential Goodbye Funeral Home Burial Package

Opportunity for family to say goodbye in selected Bowra & O’Dea chapels, Monday to Thursday only. No attendance at cemetery.

Essential Goodbye Funeral Home Cremation Package

Opportunity for family to say goodbye in selected Bowra & O’Dea chapels, Monday to Thursday only. No attendance at crematorium.

Direct Cremation Package $2,930

Cremation takes place at the selected cemetery or crematorium with no mourners in attendance, Tuesday to Thursday only.


Select Products

Once you have selected the type of funeral service, we have a range of products available to suit all needs.

Browse Products

Additional Service Offerings

There are many additional options and services available to enable a truly memorable celebration of life for your loved one, e.g. floral tributes, memorial printing, funeral/death notices, opportunity for a vigil, additional vehicles, photographic presentations, videographer, catering, grave markers, musician.

Our Vehicles

Our extensive fleet offers families a choice of traditional black or less somber white vehicles. The choice is yours.

Personalised Services and Tributes

Every person is unique and the life they live unique. To best honour a person’s memory in death, their funeral service needs to reflect this. We are here to help create the best possible farewell for your loved one. While doing so we hope this will assist with your mourning, as you move forward in life without them.

Chauffeur Services

You may have family or friends at the funeral service that will have difficulty walking behind the funeral cortege along the roadways to the gravesite. We will arrange for these people to be driven by our chauffeur bus service to the grave and returned to the cemetery entrance after the service has concluded.

Family Care

We have self managed children’s crèche facilities available, with a real-time TV/Video link up, for parents of small children to watch the ceremony privately, should they prefer.

Multicultural Services

There are many unique and personal funeral services. Every day we meet with families and communities from varied and different walks of life. Sensitivity and respect for cultural diversity is something we pride ourselves on.


For many people, the funeral process is not complete until they have taken the opportunity to erect a memorial. This may be as simple as scattering ashes at a memorable location, placing a plaque in a cemetery garden or organising a formal monument over a grave. There are many options open to you. Most often the decisions do not need to be made until after the funeral has taken place.

Female Funeral Service

Women play such an important role in our day to day lives and a there are times where families may prefer to deal with the ladies at Leanne O’Dea Funeral Directors.


Our funeral homes offer a variety of hospitality facilities to ensure your comfort and support during a very difficult and emotional time. From freshly ground espresso coffee to our vast selection of teas our staff are here to help. We can also assist you with all catering needs.

Frequently asked questions

General Enquiries

  • How much do funerals cost?
    The cost of a funeral varies, depending on the options you and your family choose. Typically, those costs would include the funeral director’s service fee, cost of the selected coffin or casket, cemetery fees, church, celebrant or clergy, newspaper notices and florists, etc. At Bowra & O’Dea we provide a range of options that allow you and your family to tailor the funeral to suit your personal, cultural and religious requirements. If you would like a detailed explanation of costs, or have any special requirements for a funeral service, please don’t hesitate to call us.
  • What is the difference between a burial, cremation or entombment?
    The choice of funeral can be an emotional issue, often reflecting religious and ethnic beliefs. With a burial the deceased and their coffin/casket is laid to rest in the ground in a cemetery, usually with a headstone or monument to mark the location. A cremation takes place in a crematorium with the deceased and their coffin/casket placed into a cremator, reducing to ashes. The ashes are then returned to the applicant who authorised the cremation. Entombment takes place in a mausoleum, an above ground structure that contains concrete or stone crypts in which the deceased and their coffin/casket is placed. By law, there are three means of disposition: * Burial, in a recognised burial place with new grave (or a reopened, existing grave) A grave is normally able to contain more than one coffin (2-3, subject to approval). Most cemeteries have lawn sections where smaller headstones can be erected and monumental sections where approved monuments can be erected over the grave. If the grave used is to be reopened from a previous burial the existing headstone may need to be fully or partially removed to allow access for this burial. Some Lawn cemeteries only permit a plaque in the grass, nothing above ground. Natural burial areas are available at selected cemeteries. Please refer to link below: * Cremation, at a crematorium The cremation procedure can only take place where a crematorium exists. The act of cremation takes place once the coffin is committed and only one coffin is cremated at a time. Individual ashes are then available to the applicant for memorialisation or scattering. * Entombment, in a mausoleum Entombment in a mausoleum is the preferred resting place in some cultures. The mausoleum is constructed above ground and allows the coffin to be placed into a crypt which is then sealed. The mausoleum is a unique type of interment, often within a courtyard-style area at a Cemetery. For further literature we suggest contacting the local selected cemeteries.
  • What is the difference between a coffin and casket?
    A coffin is tapered in shape, wider at the shoulders and narrower at the foot, and is made of custom wood or solid timber, while a casket is rectangular in shape, comes with a hinged lid and can be provided in custom wood, solid timber or metal. For those who are environmentally conscious, we also offer a choice of superbly finished and presented environmental casket or coffin. Whatever your choice, coffin or casket, special design, personalised with your own photographs or artwork, rest assured it will be hand crafted by specialists using premium grade materials. For more information or to view prices and images, please visit our  website.
  • What is embalming?
    Our changing society sees people more aware of the impact we all have as individuals. Just as funerals are seen as a celebration of life, we can look at mortuary care as a final rite to be performed with dignity and to honour the deceased, as they were cared for in life. Embalming is an important option we recommend to families. The process involves a range of hygienic and cosmetic procedures, the purpose of which are to slow down the deterioration of the body, facilitate the body for viewing and protect from infection those who come into contact with the body. In all these matters it is important to respect the individual’s right to choose. There are certain circumstances (which will be advised by the funeral director) where this procedure must be carried out.
  • Do you offer specialist and multicultural services?
    Sensitivity and respect for cultural diversity is something we pride ourselves on at Bowra & O’Dea. Our experienced staff can assist families across a wide range of cultural and religious groups.
  • How can we personalise the service?
    The individual choices available to families can contribute to make a unique experience that reflects and honours the life of your loved one. Selection of much loved music, recorded or live, can add atmosphere and invoke special memories for family and friends, the choice of floral tributes, the placement of personal memorabilia, lighting of candles or a national flag and service medals (if appropriate) all help create a moving and lasting tribute that is both personal and meaningful for your family. Our funeral consultant will be able to offer suggestions and provide assistance.
  • Can we arrange for a Chauffeur bus service from the service to the gravesite?
    You may have family or friends at the funeral service that difficulty walking behind the funeral cortege along the roadways to the gravesite. We will arrange for these people to be driven through the cemetery grounds by our chauffeur bus service, to the grave, and returned to the cemetery entrance after the service has concluded.
  • Can we do a balloon release?
    Bowra & O’Dea is conscious of the environmental challenges our community faces. We endeavour to reduce our footprint by recycling of plastic water bottles, installing solar panels on the roofs of our buildings where possible, using LCD lighting and using recycled paper products. In line with Western Australia’s Plan for Plastics initiative, new plastic regulations are being developed and will be implemented in late 2021. A state-wide phase-out of balloon releases will come into effect during this time. If you would like more information, visit www.dwer.wa.gov.au. We are conscious of the emotional significance releasing balloons can have at a funeral. We therefore encourage your family to use other symbolic gestures at funerals such as blowing bubbles, releasing doves or butterflies or perhaps giving a living gift such as flower seeds or a sapling to plant. Static balloon displays can add a wonderful touch of colour and can be uplifting, however we do ask that no balloons are released at any of our funerals. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Can you assist with Flowers?
    Our consultants can assist with all your floral needs for your funeral service, from casket sprays to individual reflection flowers, even rosemary.  We like to support our local florists – see links below. However, you may already have a preferred florist, in which case, please feel free to speak with them. They may need some details such as the delivery address, date and time. They are welcome to call us to discuss these details. You may be wanting to arrange condolence flowers for family or friends. You’re welcome to call us to seek assistance with this or discuss delivery address details.
  • Can we bring our pet?
    Our cherished pets are very much a part of our families and at times like this their presence can be very comforting and supportive to all those around them. We are happy to have your pets attend any service at our branch locations. We can also look at any request for other venues, subject to approval from the relevant parties.
  • What are our options for the funeral venue?
    Many funeral services are held in a church, funeral home chapel or at a cemetery chapel. The choice belongs to the family making the arrangements. There is now an increasing trend towards alternative locations that best reflects the deceased person and places that were dear to them. Providing permission is gained from the appropriate local authority, if needed, a funeral service can be held at almost any place.
  • Can we have live streaming of the service?
    Family members living interstate or overseas who are unable to attend a service may be able to watch via a live streaming service which is available at all of our chapels. As this is online, absent family and friends are able to watch live or at a later time or date. Families can also download their service from this link.
  • When should I organise a newspaper Notice?
    As part of our service, Bowra & O’Dea will place the official Funeral Notice in the newspaper. This will provide information about the deceased and the details of where and when the funeral will take place. It may also indicate a family’s preference for donations to a specific charity, instead of flowers and where to direct the donation. Newspaper death notices are usually placed by family and friends of the deceased prior to the funeral service taking place. We can assist with these if you wish. Funeral notices can also be displayed on our website.

"Very professional- Everyone involved helped my children through a difficult time and the experience was very positive."

- Anonymous