Essential Goodbye
Funeral Home Burial

Opportunity for up to 10 family/friends to say goodbye in selected Bowra & O’Dea chapels, Monday to Thursday only. No attendance at cemetery.

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Unattended Burial Package


Price (incl. GST)

Package price

  1. Funeral Arrangement Monday to Thursday during office hours by phone, email or at our offices
  1. Transfer of the deceased into our care within 70km of our Highgate or Mandurah Mortuary
  1. Respectful preparation and placing of deceased in a cotton garment
  1. Provision of Essential Coffin
  1. Viewing for up to 10 people for 45 minutes at our Cannington, Cottesloe, Dianella, Mandurah, Medina, Midland and Perth locations. Monday to Thursday at a time set by Funeral Director.
  1. Music – We are able to play background music only OR family is permitted to bring own music and device to play it on e.g. IPhone or IPad and a speaker
  1. Refreshments – Tea, coffee and biscuits – within the 45-minute viewing time
  1. Registration of death and certified copy of Death Certificate
  1. Metropolitan Cemetery Board Adult Interment fee
  1. Grant of Right of Burial (standard MCB lawn grave)
  1. Medical Papers from Medical Practioner
  1. Provision of support following the funeral including Trillion Trees Memorial Program

Optional Items

Provided by Bowra & O’Dea

Price (incl. GST)
  1. Standard Preparation (Embalming)
  1. Upgrade coffin
From $1,499
  1. Incomplete Certified Copy of Death Certificate
$55 GST exempt

Provided by Third Party Supplier

Price (incl. GST)
  1. Interment of oversize Coffin/Casket/Hand Digging (only in monumental areas)
  1. Site selection of exact grave
  1. Digging fee for deeper than 1.8m
  1. Removal of Monument
As charged by supplier
  1. Grave in location other than standard lawn area
As charged by supplier

Not Included or Permitted

Price (incl. GST)
  1. Arrangement at the client’s residence
  1. Dressing Deceased in own clothing
  1. Please be aware you are not able to add or pay for yourself, additional items including:
  1. A Funeral Service eg: no Clergy, no Celebrant and no DVD/AV Presentation
  2. More than 10 People at viewing
  1. Use of AV equipment
  1. Funeral notice
  1. Record of attendance

Terms and Conditions

Price (incl. GST)
  1. If current Grant of Right of Burial (standard MCB lawn grave) is not required then $2,540 will be deducted from total package price
  1. Payment in full must be made within 72 hours from signing the contract
  1. Failure to pay on time will result in automatic termination of contract
  1. The Client must provide information requested in a timely manner
  1. No alterations to package (including see item 23)
  1. Prepaid Funeral option available. Administration fee $363, Cemetery surcharge from $91 and Preneed grant $235 applies
  1. Additional charge of $3.09/per kilometre if place of death is more than 70km from our Highgate or Mandurah Mortuary (specialised transfer vehicle)

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