Justin O’Hehir’s Inspiring Story

The Guru of Asking the Right Question.

Justin has experienced a wild childhood as he grew up one of 3 brothers in a dysfunctional but loving family. His mother suffered from mental health issues and his father went down the wrong path which lead to his parents coping from their individual struggles, with the use of illicit substances. To most the family seemed normal however from a young age Justin took on more responsibilities to maintain a stable home. From leaving school in year 9, Justin went through various jobs where he was able to grow himself, however it wasn’t until he arrived in WA with his wife and daughter years later he found his calling and started Inspired Results. Becoming the founder and director of a company that aims to develop and coach people, to give them the skills they need to become effective leaders in their workplace, life or business has been both fulfilling and rewarding for Justin who loves helping others achieve their goals.

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