Mark Coughlan’s Inspiring Story

Setting the Bar High.

Recently appointed CEO of WASO, Mark Coughlan has a rich history with music that has led to his appointment of this prestigious position. An institution that has been around for 90 years, Mark accepted this role as he believed he could make a difference to those who work in the industry and to the many people who love music and attend their shows.

From the time Mark was just 2 he was fascinated with his toy piano. At 8 he attended his first show which inspired him to become a pianist, which he then went on to do once graduating from High school, spending a number of years in London.  As Perth’s culture and art scene has developed over the years, there are more opportunities for WASO to entice a younger audience to their shows. Coughlan plans to do so by launching next year a new show called ‘Naked Classics’ where people can share a drink after work while enjoying a striped back and relaxed version of WASO’s usual shows. Coughlan’s innovative direction will see WASO receive a nice re-fresh, to continue its long standing credibility within Australia and internationally.

Listen to Mark Coughlan’s Inspiring Story.