Memory Book Owner Help Guide

Once the Bowra & O’Dea consultant has created your Memory Book, you will be provided with a username (your email address) and a password. 

To find your Memory Book go to Memory Book page and search for your Memory Book by first name and surname.

On the search result page, click View Page.

You are now on the Memory Book which was set up by your Bowra & O’Dea consultant.

To log in and make updates to the Memory Book and provide access to your family members and friends: 

  • Click Log in on the top right
  • Enter your email address and password your Bowra & O’Dea consultant provided you with

Once successfully logged in click on Memory Book Admin to access the admin area.


Example of Moderate Contributions table. You can view all messages, images, videos and users. You can manage the status through approval or disapproval of all content.

Please note, when a person requests access to your Memory Book you will be notified via email. You are able to automatically approve or disapprove a user within that email or through your Memory Book's administration.

Each contribution (message, image or video) requires your approval before it will be visible on the Memory Book. You will be notified of each contribution via email.

Example of moderation request email. From the email you can approve or disapprove the new content directly following the links above. 

The funeral was conducted in the professional manner as expected.


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