Privacy Policy

Bowra & O’Dea may ask users to provide information that personally identifies an individual in certain circumstances, like submitting an enquiry. This enables quick and convenient contact with anyone who may require follow-up services from us. 

We also create a record of personal information that can be utilised in the future within our marketing and customer service departments, should the need for contact again be necessary. 

Requests for removal from such future contact will be honoured.

Users will still have access to the Bowra & O’Dea website without providing the personal information as requested, but we will not be able to process certain requests that require further communication (such as enquiries).

Bowra & O’Dea never provide any user's personal information to any third-party for commercial or other purposes unless required to do so by law.

Hi Bill, Mum, John and I wanted to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful send-off you gave as at our father’s Tom Coulter’s funeral last Friday. Your service was top-notch and your sincerity really touched our family and we could not recommend you highly enough as a wonderful, effective and caring funeral director under these very difficult circumstances. We particularly appreciated your prompt attention to our request for a quick funeral for dad as my mother couldn’t really cope with waiting another weekend after dad’s long and difficult illness. Your professional guidance throughout the very difficult early days was so appreciated. You really felt like a ‘family friend’ and many of our friends and relatives have commented to us on what a terrific job you did. I didn’t think that I would find identifying my father prior to the service very comforting, however your staff made him look so peaceful and mum and I found a wonderful comfort in viewing dad at that time. Please feel free to place this testimonial on your website as we would recommend your services anytime to anyone.

Jan and John Potter and Hazel Coulter

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