Carina Hoang’s Inspiring Story

From Refugee to PHD.

Carina Hoang escaped from war torn Vietnam with her 5 siblings at the age of 16. Taking refuge in Indonesia, they soon after settled in the United States desperate to start a new life after having no choice but to leave behind their parents and family. Carina managed to finish school in two years and received a scholarship for university allowing her to complete a Bachelor of Chemistry but her determination and strength didn’t stop there. After 10 years living and working in the US, Carina decided to go back to Vietnam to visit her family and migrate them over to the US. This journey sparked something for Carina and in 2006 after relocating to Perth with her Husband and daughter, she set out to help Vietnamese families find the graves of their loved ones. Not only has Carina completed a PHD in Humanities, she’s also a budding actor after scoring a role in a TV series on ABC called ‘The Heights’.

Listen to Carina Hoangs, Inspiring Story.