Jamie Nobbs Inspiring Story

The World of Figure Skating.

Born in Perth Jaimee grew up in a family of hockey champions, where both her parents competed in Olympic Games and her mum received a gold medal from the 1988 Summer Olympics. With similar aspirations to be an athlete like her parents Jaimee didn’t take to hockey like the rest of her family, instead at the age of 5 she developed a love of figure skating and was quickly picked up for her impressive speed and dedication to the sport. Competing at multiple Australian National Championships Jamie moved to Sydney while she was in year 11 to dedicate herself to the sport and as a result of 20 years in the industry she retired at 25 years of age. An age that seems so young however for the industry it is senior. She has enjoyed coaching for a few years post retirement and recently started a podcast called ‘What’s Next?’ where Jaimee interviews athletes and explores how they transitioned out of their sport and into life afterwards.

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