Phil Britten’s Inspiring Story

Live Your Best Life.

Captain of the Kingsley Football team, Phil Britten was only 22 when he went to Bali on a Footy trip with his team. What was meant to be a fun holiday became their worst nightmare after being caught up in the 2002 Bali bombings, Phil sustained life-threatening burns and lost 7 of his team mates. Phil experienced survivor’s guilt in the years after the bombing and struggled with his recovery as he felt like an outcast. One day after finally sharing his story he decided to turn his life around, starting motivational talks and eventually publishing a book of his ‘Undefeated’ story. Phil decided to open a martial arts school as he enjoyed the sport from a young age, what once was WA Institute of Martial Arts is being re-branded to LIFE. They focus on giving families the tools to live their best lives with something for all ages. Phil’s determination and willingness to live his best life shows that you can overcome anything you set your mind to!

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